My Puffles!

This is Aquadic. She was born on December 3, 2011 and adopted December 3, 2011. I found her when she was a puffle in the wilderness. She was tied to a tree and was crying. I brought her home and introduced her to the others.
This is Arty. He was born July 29, 2011 and adopted September 17, 2011. I saw him in the pet shop holding up a Picture of me and him. Then I adopted him. He is a very Special Puffle. He drew a Picture Fast enough to impress me enough to adopt him! He is so much like me. When I get up in the morning we do the same exact thing.
This is Super Fire. He was born April 25, 2008 and adopted October 19, 2011. I found him in a Pumpkin Patch during the Halloween Party. It took me awhile to make him smile.
 This is PJ. He was born September 4, 2010 and adopted October 18, 2011. I got him from my good friend Echo006 because he wanted more puffles.
 This is Zany. He was born April 1, 2011 and adopted November 17, 2011. I found him in the box diemension eating apples. He eats Frequently.
This is Minitaur. He was born March 5, 2012 and adopted May 5, 2012. I got him from Greece and named him Minitaur. You can tell why. He is the youngest.
This is Club Puffle. She was born December 6, 2010 and adopted October 1, 2011. She was in the wilderness, making a robot puffle, that we brought home and turned it into a beanbag after Zany got hurt on it.

This is Bop me!. She was born March 31, 2009 and adopted  September 23, 2011. I found her dancing with ROFL in the Night Club and the music playing kept going Bop! Bop! Bop!
Mumu was born on May 17, 2011 and adopted Septmeber 3, 2011. He was at the pet shop.
Snowber was born on January 25, 2007 and adopted November 14, 2011. I found him playing with his cousin the Elite Puffle Chill in the EPF hq. He is 9 months old.

Wittle was born January 18, 2012 and adopted January 20, 2012. I also got him from eygpt and he was so Wittle and cute I named him Wittle. He is even smaller than a White Puffle!
This is Jake. He was born on February 2, 2002 and adopted August 27, 2011. He is very special because he was adopted first. He was in the Pet shop. He is the oldest.
                   Chill was born June 18, 2007. He is an Elite Puffle. I first met him on an EPF mission.
Club Smart was born July 20, 2011 and adopted August 19, 2012. I got him from the Pet Shop like any other Puffle. He never takes his hat off.
Multi was born on March 3, 2002 and adopted March 24, 2013. I met him at the Cloud Forest and he chose me! He is the 2nd oldest and it seems more of my puffles listen to him than Jake because he's Rainbow.

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