Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Penguin Style Catalog March 2015

The new Penguin Style catalog has been released!
There are four new puffle-themed backgrounds.
You can have the golden sweep, far out outfit and sky blue, peach or strawberry sneakers.
On this page is the Hip-Hop, Dubstep Puffle Bling, the Cray On Hoodie and Kiwi Sneakers.
Here we have some puffle-themed items from the past.
There are some new cat and dog puffle hairstyles
On this page are differently colored boas.
Here is hair and capes in different colors.
We have I Heart my Puffle shirts and different color hairstyles.
Continued, there are more hair and capes.
Also continued, more I Heart My Puffle shirts and hair.
Many types of checkered shoes!
And here we have an old classic. The pet shop apron. :)
What did you think of the new catalog? Comment below! :)

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