Friday, July 3, 2015

Pup1one's 1,000 Subscriber and 300,000 Views Party Crashed?!

If you were at Pup1one's 1,000 subscriber and 300,000 view party, you saw it crashed by purple penguins in mining helmets.

I did some research and figured out who these party crashers really are:
They are the "Purple Republic" a "Club Penguin Army"
This is an outrage!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pi Day Pin

The Pi Day pin is at the Club Penguin Times Office.
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Puffle Guide Badge Pin

The Puffle Guide Pin is in the new Puffle Lodge.
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The Ski Lodge has been renovated!

Fish cake? Sounds delicious. I'll be at the celebration! But first, I will check out the new lodge.
 It looks pretty good from the outside, what does it look like inside?

Here is a comparison of the new and old Ski/Puffle Lodge.
A comparison of the attic old and new.
Also, you can access the Box Dimension from the attic.
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Club Penguin Times Issue #491

PH explains how to train your puffle to do tricks.
PH talks about Puffle Guides.

Aunt Arctic explains how we can help the environment.

Here are the upcoming events.
Aunt Arctic compliments a drawing of Jetpack Guy by Dery Firefox.
PH gives some puffle launch tips.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Club Penguin Times Issue #490

This week's main article is about the Pi Day Celebration.

The second article is about wild puffle creatures.
Here are the upcoming events.
Gary explains what Pi is.
This article is about the Box Diemension. We might have another party with it soon!
Cadence talks about Flash mobs.
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Pi(e) Day Mini-Party!

Club Penguin has released a Pi Day mini-party at the Mine Shack and University.
Here's the full room. Rookie has no idea what Pi Day is about does he...
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Penguin Style Catalog March 2015

The new Penguin Style catalog has been released!
There are four new puffle-themed backgrounds.
You can have the golden sweep, far out outfit and sky blue, peach or strawberry sneakers.
On this page is the Hip-Hop, Dubstep Puffle Bling, the Cray On Hoodie and Kiwi Sneakers.
Here we have some puffle-themed items from the past.
There are some new cat and dog puffle hairstyles
On this page are differently colored boas.
Here is hair and capes in different colors.
We have I Heart my Puffle shirts and different color hairstyles.
Continued, there are more hair and capes.
Also continued, more I Heart My Puffle shirts and hair.
Many types of checkered shoes!
And here we have an old classic. The pet shop apron. :)
What did you think of the new catalog? Comment below! :)