Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Party 2014!

Gary: Gadzooks! My great uncle Gariwald is lost in the Puffle Hotel and it's teeming with ghosts! What happened in there?!
Me: How did Gariwald come back WITHOUT the mansion? I wanna be a ghost again! That was fun!
Gary: I don't know.
Gary: Can you search the hotel for Gariwald? Maybe that new bellhop can be of assistance.
Me: Fine. But you owe me a Ghost-a-matron!
                                        I've heard rumors the Ghost-a-matron is on tweflth floor.
Skip: Hi! Hope I didn't spook you. I'm Skip, the bellhop. I just started here and all this creepy stuffs's happening!
Me: Okay Ron Weasley.
Skip: I said my name's Skip.
Me: Can't you take a joke? I'm looking for Gariwald.
Skip: You're looking for Gariwald? We gotta get back power back to the elevator. I think the generator's in the Basement.
Me: That's Nice.
Flip the switches up until they all go up. Remember when we didn't have much power? Those were the days.
Well it seems I was right! The Ghost-A-Matron is actually on the 12th doctor floor.
Ooh look a gear! Maybe it's part of the Ghost-A-Matron?
Ooh nice! Ghost Luggage!

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