Sunday, September 29, 2013

Upcoming news for October!!!

Let's see... New Puffle care and one of my favorite parties??? Can't wait!!!

Medieval Party 2013!!!

Welcome to the Olde Medieval Party!!! I'm here with Gary at the Wizard School, ready to have some fun!!!
Greetings wizard Bubsey! Your Uncle Rockhopper has discovered a book of potions!!! Come back each day to help me create a new spell.                                   "Sure, sounds fun!"
According to my calculations, one incorrect ingredient could be disastrous! Take the book with you to find potion ingredients.                                             "Wow, Thanks!"
When you open the book, you'll find a map. Let's go get the ingredients!!!
                                    Let's get these delicous-looking... I mean, O' berries for the potion.
                                             Hmmm... Fairy Dust... Dora Good would like this.
                          Yuck!!! Somebody get me a crane to lift this disgusting Ogre snot!!!
              I need that horse shoe!!! Hmmm... I'll turn into a puffle and fly up there to knock it down...
                                     I can't get these scales off as a puffle, so I'll use a little magic!!!
                           First let's turn into a White Puffle Unicorn. Click Create Potion to start.
             The Potion making game is very easy. Just bounce the right ingredients into the cauldron.
            But make sure not to get wrong ingredients!!! Gary said the results would be disastrous!!!
GADZOOKS! Something has gone terribly wrong. It appears you have turned yourself into a puffle chicken!!!                                                         "Bok bok bok?"
                     There are many different potions. Have fun making them while they last!!! See ya!

Sorry about that!!!

Sorry I've been gone so long everyone!!! I've had the back-to-school rush and I'm transferring my files to a new computer thing!!! Give me a little time to get this blog back up and running!!! See ya!!!