Thursday, August 1, 2013

Star Wars Takeover Cheats Part 1!

             You start out in the Millennium Falcon with Princess Cadence. She needs to talk to you!!!
"This is our most desperate hour. The Death Star threatens Club Penguin and the galaxy!!! Use your quest map to travel to Tatooine. Help me, you are my only hope!!!" says Princess Cadence. Let's help her!!!
I just want to show you what it looks like for a second at the dock. We have a satellite to monitor how we're doing and the Millennium Falcon is landed on a landing pad. Let's continue!!!
Mission Part 1: Defeat the Stormtroopers and save Tatooine. Click Enter Tatooine
"You made it to Tatooine! There are Stormtroopers hiding on the planet, we must defeat them! Click on the map to get around and the stormtrooper to battle." says Princess Cadence.
Here is what the planet looks like. It's pretty cool, I've only seen Desert sand before this... Never!!!
You can play Level 1, Level 2 and Bonus Level to earn your disguise for the Death Star!!!
Press the spacebar to move to another box to hide behind. Aim and throw using the mouse!!!
You shoot down stormtroopers in this game. R2-D2 will fix damaged boxes. After you defeat these guys...
...You have to battle the boss!!! In Level 2 and Bonus Level, the Boss has backup and bombs!!!
You will get a well done message at the end. Alright, put on your stormtrooper disguise, we're going to the death star!!! Everyone to the Millennium Falcon!!!