Thursday, July 18, 2013

Furniture catalog July 2013!!!!

There's a new Furniture catalog!!! I'll use this furniture when I move to space!!!
Furniture Catalog July 2013. Packed with Furniture for Space!!!
An X-wing!!! I could use that!!! Radar Screen!!! I can see a lot of things incoming!!!! Droid cleaning station, I need to clean PJ's Droid hat!!!! Emperor's Chair??? I'm no Emperor, I'm not buying!!!
3 tracking devices!!! The Death Star and a Tatooine House!!! Cool, it's a sand igloo!!!
On the left is Dark Side stuff, on the right is Rebel Stuff. Looks cool huh??? 
There's a Tie Fighter on the left page and Rugs, Holonet Terminal and Dejark Set!!! Cya!!!

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