Thursday, July 18, 2013

Furniture catalog July 2013!!!!

There's a new Furniture catalog!!! I'll use this furniture when I move to space!!!
Furniture Catalog July 2013. Packed with Furniture for Space!!!
An X-wing!!! I could use that!!! Radar Screen!!! I can see a lot of things incoming!!!! Droid cleaning station, I need to clean PJ's Droid hat!!!! Emperor's Chair??? I'm no Emperor, I'm not buying!!!
3 tracking devices!!! The Death Star and a Tatooine House!!! Cool, it's a sand igloo!!!
On the left is Dark Side stuff, on the right is Rebel Stuff. Looks cool huh??? 
There's a Tie Fighter on the left page and Rugs, Holonet Terminal and Dejark Set!!! Cya!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Waddle on!!!

New CP Comedy Show: #WaddleOn!

By Spike Hike on July 12, 2013 - 12:54 | Comments (67)
Hey Penguins,
For the next couple of months we're going to try something new -- and you're an important part of it!
We've gotten great comments from you about our videos, including the epic Star Wars preview video that we debuted last week. But there's one thing you always ask us for – MORE! Well, there's one thing we've always wanted to try... and that's a sketch comedy show!
So starting this week, we're launching #WaddleOn, a show made in Club Penguin itself about the random funny things that happen in our community everyday. Here's the first episode!
Now here's where you come in. We want to hear what you like, what you don't, what you think is funny, and what isn't. We also want to know what you'd like to see in future episodes. This is your show, so let's make it awesome together!
For each episode we'll incorporate your feedback and if you like it where it's headed, we'll keep doing more!
This is going to be fun!
Until next time... #WaddleOn!
-Club Penguin Team
I don't think it can be improved at all!!! I get all the jokes, can't wait for Episode 2! Cya!

Penguin Style July 2013!!!

Fabulous everyday fashions are here!!! Just enter the Clothes Shop and open the Penguin Style catalog!
                                                           Penguin Style July 2013!!!
                  These are good styles!!! But not much to say on this because this stuff is pretty casual.
This outfit's colors blast at you!!! You can tell that anyone wearing this would be awesome! Hey it's green!!!
This looks awesome!!! The Fish Necklace is really cool!!! Something Cadence might wear!!!
It looks like lastly, there's either construction now or the Iceberg needs to be tipped! Cya! I'm going to tip the Iceberg!!! You can join in if you want!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Message from JPG: Puffles Digging

I've noticed Jet Pack Guy!!! Look at this outfit I put together! What was that Bop Me? You found more? Awesome!!! Let's go to the Puffle Hotel, you deserve it!!!! Cya!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Club Penguin University

The University spirit MU brought has left it's mark on the island!!! We get a University!!!
School starts at the new University at the Mine. Club Penguin University!!! How exciting!!!!
Now we even have a path to the Dojo without the map!!! AWESOME!!!! I'm pumped to take my class on puffles!!! Polo Field would be proud!!! Now, I don't want to stall you anymore, here's the new classroom!
I love school!!!! CPU is going to be the best University in Club Penguin! Wait, it's the only University!!! So study up! Then after class, have lunch! The CPU cafeteria has some of the best chefs in Antarctica!!!!
And you can enter the school from the Stadium!!!! Well, Cya in class!!!!

The Death Star?

It's really faint, but you can see the Death Star from the Ski Hill! This is pretty cool. Cya round!!!

Puffles can Dig for Treasure!

Wait, Puffles can Dig for Treasure??? PJ, we're going Digging, get your leash!!! Cya later guys!

Bubsey Games- Bubsey's Spot The Difference!!!

Try to Spot the Difference between these 2 pictures. There's 4 differences. I'll post the answers tomorrow!!! Have fun!!!
UPDATE: The mouth on the games, the tile on the floor, the E in EEK and the window on the door.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thanks, Pingy, Sallyshortt and Dizzy!

Thanks for blogging for me while I was on Vacation Sally, Pingy and Dizzy!!! I'm giving you all custom penguins!!! Next time I go on vacation, I know who I want to blog for me while I'm gone!!! Cya round!!!

Club Penguin Twitter,Youtube,Facebook Theme Updated and New University music in CP Soundcloud

Today Club Penguin Updated their Facebook Twitter and Youtube's theme to Star Wars Takeover Theme.
                                                                   Youtube Theme:
                                                                Twitter Theme:
                                                                 Facebook Theme:
Club Penguin even added University Music which will be available later.

That's it for now.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Star Wars Takeover 2013 Coming!

This July another party called Star Wars Takeover is coming to club penguin.So club penguin updated the Homepage sliders.Take a look at them.
 Club Penguin even made a cinematic trailer for the Star Wars Takeover.
 Update: has been updated with this background.

Sounds exciting but I haven't even watched a single movie of Star Wars :P

Club Penguin Paychecks July 2013

I know that i'm late for this but don't forget to check your mailbox as you will find paychecks waiting for the jobs Tour Guide and an EPF agent.

What are you gonna do with these coins?I'm saving them for Star Wars Takeover.

Scare Games Winner Announced!

Sorry for being inactive but The Scare Games finally has a winner!Yup that's OK or Oozma Kappa just look at the wonderful decorations.
                            Don't forget t collect your trophy (it's even for non-members).
                                                                   Click On Yes.
                                               This is how it looks like on my playercard.
Pingy is happy

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monsters University Catalog July 2 Items Available

Today you can get Hardscrabble wings, Hardscrabble Mask, Brock Mask, Yellow Wings, Hardscrabble Costume, and Brock Costume :)
My favorite item is the Yellow Wings :D  I like wings LOL :)

--Sallyshortt, Author until July 8th

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rookie visiting island soon!

I have exclusive information from the Club Penguin Team for you guys!

After the MU party is over, Rookie will be waddling around the island! And you will have the chance to meet him! I've never met him :( But I hope to soon :) I don't have exact dates and times, but in the future I probably will!

Waddle On!

--Sallyshortt, Author until July 8th

Catalog Launch Dates in July

Here is a message from Polo Field:

Hey penguins,

With the Monsters University Takeover still going strong, we've decided to switch up catalog dates for this month. We KNOW how excited you are for the next Penguin Style, but we don't want to break any of your monstrous scare momentum! You've got a trophy to win!

So here's the update:

  • Penguin Style: July 10th
  • Furniture: July 17th
Here's a quick little sneak peek of the items you can look forward to!

Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
I like the way those items look! Especially that hoodie :) Yes I do buy items from the boys section if they are hoodies or something :) That is not wierd :) NO IT ISN'T!! :P lol

-Sallyshortt, Author until July 8th

Penguin Of The Day: Dna360

Here is a message from Daffodaily5:


Dna360 has been a dedicated Club Penguin player for many years. He likes to teach his buddies all about the history of CP and always looks out for new penguins! Loving the blue outfit! :)

You can send your nominations to the team via the Contact Us page!


-Club Penguin Team

Congrats Dna360! That's a pretty cool outfit, I agree :) And you have some rare items, cool! I have those glasses LOL rare but weird to have for me... Because I'm a girl... Whatevers :)

I am nominating Woddylan today because he is a really nice friend to have and he likes to share information about Club Penguin. :)

--Sallyshortt, Author until July 8th :) Also gives a lot of smiley faces :) Is that wierd? LOL

Monsters University Catalog July 1st Items Now Available!

The July 1st items from the Monsters University Catalog are now available.This catalog has nothing much interesting and has items like one eyed CDA mask,three eye CDA mask,art costume (which is a face item.Kinda weird huh?) Squishy's mom costume and mask and monster horns.
  The worst part of this catalog is that Art(my favorite character)'s costume is a face item and whenever I dance wearing it I cannot ROAR.But it is mentioned in the catalog that when we dance we can roar.

I wish Club Penguin fixes this bug soon.