Thursday, June 6, 2013

Underwater Adventure!

Welcome Penguins and Puffles to Underwater Adventure! Don't forget to pick up the pin! Now let's see what the Switchbox 30000 does for special effects!
Some fish have come... That button on the Switchbox 30000 must have called them here! Here's some fish food!
                                            Everyone inside the submarine, let's get outta here!
                                   There's fish everywhere! The sea is a very wonderful place!
                            Yikes! Is that a sea monster? Mabye it's Nessie the Loch Ness monster!
                       Keeper you took all the treasure for yourself?!?! Share some, I wanted some too!
                                         Let's see what's inside the Costume Trunk this month!
                     Get the costumes for Daisy and Fiesel and join them in their underwater adventure!
Do I see Merpenguins? Well, I guess these costumes are pretty cool, so grab them while they're here!
Get the costumes for Wise Fish and the Lobster! And get a cool underwater backround! Cya penguins!