Thursday, June 27, 2013

MU Takeover and The Scare Games!!!

                                Today is my last day before I go on vacation. So here it goes!!!
                  Go Monsters U!!! I just got off the bus and it's time to see the campus!!! I joined OK!!!
Tentacles and Serpent Wings! You can join clubs or go to the scaring program. Scare Games are to the right. I think I'll like this party!!! I loved Monsters Inc and now love Monsters University!!!
Welcome to the Scaring Program! Where you learn how to Scare and you could work at Fear Co. or Monsters Inc in the future!!!
Let's start Scaring in the Scare Games!!! Ready to scare!!! Now step into the Monsters U simulator!
Use the Space Bar to jump and the arrows to move!!! Get to then end and scare the penguin dummy!!!
                      Avoid obstacles like Jack-in-the-boxes, Hot air balloons, trains and army penguins!
Step on the red platform at the end and try to press Space Bar when the red is in the green zone!!!
Welcome to the city of Monstropolis!!! We've got everything for every kind of monster!!! Coffee, Dancing and Clothes!!! And make sure to see the nearby college, Monsters University!!! Now on with the tour!!!
One Tentacle cup please!!! This is our Monster Coffee Shop, where you can get Coffee for every kind of Monster as I said before!!!
 Here are the Fraternity and Sorority houses for Monsters U! Each Fraternity and the Sorority are all great, so take your pick for which one you would like to join!!! Let's see each house!!!
Welcome to the Oozma Kappa house! We've got a Living room and... Couches, I guess?
Jaws Theta Chi has really gotta clean up this messy Fraternity house!!! Everything is literally taped together! This whole house could fall apart any second now!!! This is way too Trashy!!!
Roar Omega Roar really knows how to start a DANCE PARTY! This is definitely decked out for a great dance party!!! And look, a hidden Mickey on the floor! Awesome!!!
Python Nu Kappa is only an option for girls at this party. If you're more of a Tomboy, I would go to the Fraternities instead, because this isn't for you!!!
Welcome to the Monsterous Plaza!!! Get Pets and take them to the Puffle Hotel. See Underwater Adventure at the Stage!!! Or get some Pizza at The Growl!!! All are great activities!!!
Welcome to the Growl!!! Home of Team Blue!!! The Pizza Parlor is home of Team Green sillies!!! Play games or get a bite of Pizza to satisfy you for a long vacation. Cya later Guys! Vacationing to Penguin City!!! I'll be back July 8th!!! Bye!!!

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