Monday, May 27, 2013

Card Jitsu Party 2013!

Welcome to the Card Jitsu Party 2013! I will give you hints, cheats and pointers for this party. And for kids in the future, a viewing experience of the past! Ha ha.
 Click go there. I am ready to train in this updated Dojo! I'll show the old one now.
I think I like this Dojo update, because this Dojo was a bit boring.
I remember this room from my first year in Club Penguin, 2011! Except now it has snow!
And here's what the Dojo looks like on the outside! Pretty cool, actually! Poor meditating puffles, they've been meditating for years now!
And here is the Snow Dojo! You can play Card Jitsu snow here!
Click the bridge and choose your element. Hmmm... Let's look at the stats.
The Water Ninja has half moves, barely any range, but lots of Damage.
The Fire Ninja has all balanced Moves, Range and Damage.
The snow ninja may not of good Damage, but they can boost ninja health! I'm picking him!
And now for your viewing pleasure, How-to-play Card Jitsu Snow!

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  1. I love this party its awesome!Can't wait for Monsters University party.