Friday, April 5, 2013


       New Mission! Go to the command room immediately! That means now! Just go! I'm joking with you.
Welcome to upgraded EPF! We have a lab and more advanced screen! Don't pay attention to that this is an emergency! We have to be quick! Hi Aunt Ar- Director!
          Director: Greetings Agent Bubsey. A large bottle of hot sauce was stolen from the Pizza Parlor.
                             This is an extremely volatile substance. Disastrous in the wrong hands.
                           YOUR MISSION: Recover the hot sauce. OPERATION: HOT SAUCE
                        To aid you in this task, we upgraded your spy phone with new features.
                    This mission will be Dangerous. Good luck. Okay Aunt Arc- Auuuuuggghhh!
                                             Remember that now all agents have a briefcase.
                                  Go to Pizza Parlor. It's quite a Scene. Get a Hot Sauce sample.
                         Insert your sample into the machine in your Spy Phone. (Go to Gadgets to do this)
Jet Pack Guy: There must be another clue. Keep looking for it.
                           Fur! White Fur! HPB has been here. Put it in your Spy Phone and...
                        G: Greetings Agent Bubsey. A perfect time to use the TraceTracker 3000!
G: Open your Spy Phone to Gadgets, insert your evidence and turn it ON. (Done that already) Then scan the area for traces of the thief's movements.
               G: Gadzooks- why are you still standing here?! Track down that thief!           On it!
                               Calibrating... Using Evidence to find target... Calibration complete.
               TraceTracker 3000! Picks up a thief's trail instantly if calibrated with trace evidence. Turn on...
                  Herbert... So OBVIOUS. Still, before the mission started I thought it as Protobot...
                                          Still, they make great snow angels for villains, I guess...
Trace it to the beach and get in Herbert's base. You will enter a minigame, find out what it is yourself it's more fun like that. After that, enter the base.
Herbert Percival Bear: Setting up here was a STROKE OF GENIUS. Spacious. Quiet. And that pump is perfect to keep this place dry.
Herbert P. Bear talks too much: Those Elite Penguin FOOLS will never find me! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Herbert: Masterful idea to salvage the solar laser for my new plan.
Angry Herbert: KLUTZY!!! NO PIZZA! We'll eat once I'm finished.
                    Here's the whole room. Waterfall, Hot Sauce Bottle, Solar Laser, Pizza and Pump.
                                   Throw a Pizza at the flood switch! Klutzy will walk over...
Herbert: AAAAAAAAAAAHH! Wait a second! What are you doing up there agent!?!!? NO! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
It floods. Swim to safety. On one note, Herbert can't swim, but Klutzy always helps out. Go our spy! Whoops!
Mr. Mess-up: Yay!!! You did it! You got the Hot Sauce AND pizzas for the party! So tasty-mmmm-and mouth burny!
Bubsey Good: I couldn't agree more Rookie! Yum... Hot Fish Pizza... My favorite...
Rookie the cookie: Hey! Is that your Spy Phone ringing?
Aunt Director: Well done, agent Bubsey. You recovered the stolen material.
The Arctic: We don't know what Herbert was building. But we do know his plans are on hold for now. Thanks to you. Rockhopper: Ahoy!
Aunt- WHATEVER: ROCKHOPPER? Is that you calling?!
Bubsey Good: That was weird... I hope Mousey doesn't put this on the blog...
*Mousey takes picture*
Gary: How embarrassing... Well... Great work, Agent Bubsey! You completed Operation: Hot Sauce! You get a backround plus five medals to spend out whatever you'd like!
Bubsey Good: Thanks Gary!
*Mousey takes picture*
Bubsey Good: Auuuggghh...
Well at least we have a pizza party... Right Mousey?
*Mousey takes picture*


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    2. Bubsey it's Kitty I'm thinking of returning get the news out!