Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marvel Superhero Takeover cheats

Marvel Superhero Takeover has arrived! Choose your side and... If you're a Hero, walk up to here and play....
                                   Go and grab some Crystals to earn points! Fly over the city...
Grab Gloves and use to rebuild or destroy the island! There's a hoodie you can claim if you get 50000 points!
With another penguin I destroyed the beach. That's the effects of gloves!
Become a villain and make robots to destroy stuff too! Have fun at the party!


  1. Ok I will set it up. Give me your email in the comments on my blog and I will add u then we can talk there k?

    1. If you're talking about a new Penguin Pages I will be happy to be the first one to join it for you guys.

  2. Invited! Check your email. Domain is

  3. Come on, I need you to help quickly!