Monday, March 4, 2013

Quest for The Golden puffle at the Stage

  Quest for the Golden Puffle Hath returned! Wait, it's not the Medival party yet! Should talk in Normal talk!
               It is the 2 times Penguin Play awards winner. (Ironically, the only 2...) Welcome to the stage!
              Here is Gary's Switchbox 3000... It's no Box-O-Switch! Here is it's effects with captions!
                                        I've been here since 2012 BC. Why 2013 AD it opens up?
                        Well, you don't see penguins doing that every day... Cart Surfing in Ancient Ruins?
                                                               No sleeping on the job!
                                                       Why can't I exit my own home...
                                                                       I got your nose!
                                                            This was my replacement bridge!
                                              Actually I am just wraps. NO DON'T EAT ME!
                                                    Wow, you are desperate I don't get out!
                                                       Costume Trunk Febuary 2013!
                                                             Quest for the Golden Puffle Logo!
                                                Hunt for Mummies, artifacts and rare puffles OR
                                            Become a Mummie, artifact or rare puffle OR
                                                    Become a Director at Club Penguin .com

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