Sunday, March 24, 2013

Puffle Party Hotel PART 4!!!!

"Relax with my puffle..." I said. "Who should I pick for the task?" I asked. "Me." said Club Puffle. She hadn't slept this whole week in our new igloo because she was next to Zany, who has a snoring problem.
                 We went to the Puffle Hotel. I let Club Puffle sleep for an hour while I read books.
Get your prizes plus these extras! Hold the bag of Puffle Os and dance to feed puffles. Walk to the cannon to get a Rainbow Puffle or click go there.
"To the cannon!" I yelled. "What for?" asked Club Puffle. "You'll see." I said. "I'm scared of it!" replied Club Puffle. "I know you will like it!" I told her. "Okay." she replied. We blasted into the clouds.
We flew up into the clouds. "Hey, that was fun!" said Club Puffle. It was an amazing sight. The cloud forest has Lightning storm trees, Rain trees and a Rainbow! "Plus Puffles!" I said.
"A Rainbow puffle has chosen to be my pet?" I asked. "I'll name you Multi!" I said. He jumped up and down! "I'm a little shy..." said Multi. "That's okay!" I said.
 I took Multi's certificate and started walking him. PH volunteered to take care of Club Puffle until I got home.
"I like you Multi!" I said. "Thanks... What's your name?" asked Multi. "I'm Bubsey." I said. "Bubsey Good." "Cool name!" replied Multi. I walked over to the puffles with Multi.
"I'm gonna miss you!" Multi said to some of the Puffles. "No you're not!" said the puffles. "We are going to some of Bubsey's friends like Zowey and Pingywin!" "Then I might see you again soon!" I told the puffles.
"Bye guys!" I said as me and Multi slid down the Rainbow...
Later, I let Multi in the Puffle Play Zone. "And that's all for the Puffle Hotel!" he said. "Have a nice Puffle Party!" I replied.
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