Thursday, March 21, 2013

Puffle Party Hotel PART 1

"Welcome to the Grand Opening of the Puffle Hotel!" says PH. I was first in line. I went in and looked at the Lobby.
It was Quite a sight! "What a hotel! This is really really cool!" I said. I looked at my Tasks.
                   "Exercise your puffle... Hmmmm... I can do that!" I said to myself. I went to the Elevator.
                    Me and Aquadic bought some Puffle Os and went into the Elevator to go to the Gym.
"I want to push the button!" said my Pink Puffle Aquadic as she bounced up and hit the button. I have the gift of understanding and talking to puffles. It comes naturally.
               "Ready Aquadic?" I asked. "I am ready!" said Aquadic. We walked over to the treadmill.
                            Aquadic started getting ready then got on the treadmill and ran like never before.
                              I collected the coins and the shoes. I used the coins to buy a pizza.

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