Monday, March 18, 2013

Penguin Style March 2013

                              Penguin Puffle Style is once again in the Clothes shop! Bring your puffles!
                                               Penguin Style or Puffle Style March 2013!
                     Are you ready to hike? I'm not! I need these awesome clothes first!
99% of the kids who play Club Penguin are not in High School! Stop spreading this style Club Penguin!
             Here's Puffle Style... Get an item for each puffle color! Or... all your favorite colors galore!
                     This is my favorite color of this page but choose whatever color suits you best!
Be Funny!!!!!! Clown suit!!!! Red nose and Backround! Why did the puffle cross the playground????
 Puffle Handler at work?? Aunt PH taught me there's more to puffle handling than the outfit! Eyes are back.

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