Friday, March 29, 2013

Awesome April Party!

By Spike Hike on March 28, 2013 - 13:43 | Comments (27)

Greetings True Believers!
I'm unbelievably excited to announce the return of the Marvel Superhero Takeover on April 24th!!
There are many secrets ahead, so I won't spoil the surprise, but I can tell you this is an almost ENTIRELY NEW PARTY with new heroes, new villains, and new places from the Marvel Universe!! You are not going to want to miss this...
Excelsior… and Waddle On!
- Spike "The Penguin" Hike & The Club Penguin Team
A War? I may need to rethink the title. Why?? I don't want a repeat of last year's summer break after this! How about: "Last Advertisement Party of the Year." 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Puffle Party Hotel PART 4!!!!

"Relax with my puffle..." I said. "Who should I pick for the task?" I asked. "Me." said Club Puffle. She hadn't slept this whole week in our new igloo because she was next to Zany, who has a snoring problem.
                 We went to the Puffle Hotel. I let Club Puffle sleep for an hour while I read books.
Get your prizes plus these extras! Hold the bag of Puffle Os and dance to feed puffles. Walk to the cannon to get a Rainbow Puffle or click go there.
"To the cannon!" I yelled. "What for?" asked Club Puffle. "You'll see." I said. "I'm scared of it!" replied Club Puffle. "I know you will like it!" I told her. "Okay." she replied. We blasted into the clouds.
We flew up into the clouds. "Hey, that was fun!" said Club Puffle. It was an amazing sight. The cloud forest has Lightning storm trees, Rain trees and a Rainbow! "Plus Puffles!" I said.
"A Rainbow puffle has chosen to be my pet?" I asked. "I'll name you Multi!" I said. He jumped up and down! "I'm a little shy..." said Multi. "That's okay!" I said.
 I took Multi's certificate and started walking him. PH volunteered to take care of Club Puffle until I got home.
"I like you Multi!" I said. "Thanks... What's your name?" asked Multi. "I'm Bubsey." I said. "Bubsey Good." "Cool name!" replied Multi. I walked over to the puffles with Multi.
"I'm gonna miss you!" Multi said to some of the Puffles. "No you're not!" said the puffles. "We are going to some of Bubsey's friends like Zowey and Pingywin!" "Then I might see you again soon!" I told the puffles.
"Bye guys!" I said as me and Multi slid down the Rainbow...
Later, I let Multi in the Puffle Play Zone. "And that's all for the Puffle Hotel!" he said. "Have a nice Puffle Party!" I replied.
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Puffle Party Hotel PART 3

"Who is the most hungry puffle here?" I asked in my igloo. "It's me." said Snowber. He walked up to me and jumped on my shoulder. "We are going to the Puffle Hotel for you to eat!" I said. "Yay!" replied an excited Snowber.
Snowber ate and ate until he got really full. "I can't eat another bite." said Snowber happily. "So when are we coming again?" asked Snowber. "Soon." I told him.
Collect your prizes and wait 18 hours for your next task to be ready! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Puffle Party Hotel PART 2

I walked in. "The next assignment is to Groom my puffle." I said. I went into the Elevator and pushed the button to go to the Spa.
                     "Let's go PJ!" I told PJ. He nodded and flew to the chair. "I'm ready." said PJ.
                   I sat there and groomed PJ. When he finished, his fur and propeller cap were very shiny.
I collected my prizes and went home to get me and my puffles ready for bed. See you in the next 18 hours!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Puffle Party Hotel PART 1

"Welcome to the Grand Opening of the Puffle Hotel!" says PH. I was first in line. I went in and looked at the Lobby.
It was Quite a sight! "What a hotel! This is really really cool!" I said. I looked at my Tasks.
                   "Exercise your puffle... Hmmmm... I can do that!" I said to myself. I went to the Elevator.
                    Me and Aquadic bought some Puffle Os and went into the Elevator to go to the Gym.
"I want to push the button!" said my Pink Puffle Aquadic as she bounced up and hit the button. I have the gift of understanding and talking to puffles. It comes naturally.
               "Ready Aquadic?" I asked. "I am ready!" said Aquadic. We walked over to the treadmill.
                            Aquadic started getting ready then got on the treadmill and ran like never before.
                              I collected the coins and the shoes. I used the coins to buy a pizza.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Puffle Party Answers

By Polo Field on March 20, 2013 - 11:54
Heya Penguins,
With the Puffle Party coming up in just a few hours, we're hearing from a whole bunch of puffle fans who want the low-down on the party (and what'll stay behind).
Well... you've got puffle questions? I've got puffle answers!
Will the Puffle Hotel be permanent? Yes. The Puffle Hotel is here to stay - you'll be able to swing by the rooftop with your puffle for a snack and a swim whenever you want!
Can we adopt rainbow puffles after the Puffle Party? Absolutely. These majestic, magical new puffles will still be available for adoption after the party goes down.
Is the rainbow puffle member-only? You got it. When members complete a Puffle Care Quest, they'll get to blast off in the cannon to adopt a rainbow puffle. Free players can pamper their red and blue puffles at the Puffle Hotel, and work in the Puffle Hotel to earn coins too! 
Is PH visiting the puffle party? You bet! PH will definitely be appearing at the Grand Opening of the Puffle Hotel. She'll be there to help you become expert puffle owners. And she'll be VERY excited to help you adopt rainbow puffles.
When/where will PH visit? - At the moment, I don't know any exact times PH is scheduled to visit. But I can say that she'll definitely be spending time at the Puffle Hotel and Puffle Play Zone. So hang around these spots and see if you can catch her!  
Waddle On!
         Just a few hours PJ! I will train you like crazy, or pretend to, You are already trained.

How to Train your Puffle

                       Hi penguins! As you can see, We need to train our puffles to get to the Rooftop!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Puffle Hotel Construction!

            Looking good puffles! Keep going PJ and Club Puffle! We want to see our friend Multi!

Furniture Catalog March 2013

                   Multi has volunteered to be on the front page of the Furniture catalog! Clap for Multi!
              Arcade game for brown puffles... Horrible Puffle Carrier and Ice Skating Rink! Woo hoo!
Look at the cool stuff on this Page! Rainbow bridge, Stage, Tightrope... I don't know where to start!
        Lanterns! I recommend only representing the Black Puffle with Grumpy Lantern. Puffle Chairs too!
Well, in April Furniture won't come for a while into the month so yeah. Ice cream Lamp! Shark in a hat!

Penguin Style March 2013

                              Penguin Puffle Style is once again in the Clothes shop! Bring your puffles!
                                               Penguin Style or Puffle Style March 2013!
                     Are you ready to hike? I'm not! I need these awesome clothes first!
99% of the kids who play Club Penguin are not in High School! Stop spreading this style Club Penguin!
             Here's Puffle Style... Get an item for each puffle color! Or... all your favorite colors galore!
                     This is my favorite color of this page but choose whatever color suits you best!
Be Funny!!!!!! Clown suit!!!! Red nose and Backround! Why did the puffle cross the playground????
 Puffle Handler at work?? Aunt PH taught me there's more to puffle handling than the outfit! Eyes are back.