Saturday, February 2, 2013

Penguin Style February 2013

                                                    Hello, we've been expecting you.
                                                 This is the new penguin style! Now Trending!
                                                    Here are all the colors! Same as last time.
                                                         Non-member items are the same.
But here we have some new items! I would buy this, but the glasses look funny on me.
Skates boards! To my To-do list. Buy a skateboard! I also like the clothes that go with it!
I call this an item SPAM. Or Club Penguin was running late and couldn't design any more items.
The coffee apron? It hasn't been seen since 2010! And nice eye expressions, I hope they make them for boys.
Red carpet looks! Club Penguin has more girls than boys in this catalog! Where's the balance?
                                 ^---Hey! That looks like my hair! It'll be in my collection soon!
                                     Card jitsu snow is gonna be out soon huh? Sensei is back!!!

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