Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Interview with Cadence (Plus song preview!)

"Gotta get in!" I yelled. "Must ask Cadence!" Then I saw a note. "I'm practicing at the mine!" is what it said.
"Cadence! I have some interview questions for you!" I said. I ran over with my microphone.
"Cadence! I need to interview you!" I said. "Hi Bubsey! I saw you at the music Jam 2012! Sure you can interview me!" Cadence said. "Thanks." I told her. "First question: Are Rocky and Cece REALLY your friends?"

 "Finally, a chance to stop all this!" Cadence said. "They're not my friends, I didn't send an invitation, Aunt Arctic edited the newspaper. Next question!" "What's it like to get to be the best Dancer around?"
"I get to do things Gary calls Physically impossible." Cadence said. "It's cool, yeah." "How did you learn to dance?
"A penguin at Penguin city taught me when I was littler. He gave me purple boom boxes to give away when I went to Club Penguin. You have one." Cadence said. "When did you first have a dance contest?" I asked.
                                "January 2009." Cadence told me. "What's your favorite 2012 party?" I asked.
"Rock and Cece took the fun out of the Music Jam, the fashion show rocked!" Cadence said. "What's it like being a mascot?" I asked.
Then some penguins carried Cadence towards an igloo. "This!" Cadence said sarcastically. I found Cadence later at the Night Club. "When did you first appear?"
"January 2009 just like DC!" Cadence said. "Can you give a sneak peak of the new song?"
"Oh yes!" Cadence said. "Here it is!" (Listen above) "A game of Mancala?" I asked. "You have to dress up in a weird costume, but I will!"
                              "FINE" Cadence said. "Last question!" I said. "Is that a crowd?" I asked.
"Aaaaah!" Cadence yelled. "It's not even the party yet!" And just like that, the crowd chased Cadence.

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