Friday, February 15, 2013

If I could design a room to be my favorite...

If I could design a room to be my favorite, it would be this:
I would have my own chair next to a whiteboard. I would have some puffle tubes that go all around the room. I would also like a bookcase for when the Book Room shelf gets full. I would have a lamp on top of that. Then I would have a computer by the door. I would really like pictures of my friends on the walls. The wall would be lime green. The floor would be Dark blue! There would be carpet on the floor, not wood. And on the outside, it would have a sign that said "Party Place" at the top. There would be signs with party hats on them pointing towards the building. The outside building would be Dark Green. The puffle tubes would go over the building and back in. A possible game that could be there is "Harvest". In the game, you would go around and harvest O'berry bushes. But you have to make sure the O'berries aren't bad and you have a time limit at each bush! That would be awesome!

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