Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hollywood Party cheats

Welcome to the Hollywood Party 2013! As you can see, I'm at the Snow forts.... The only open studio is A!
Welcome to Studio A! As you can see, the movie we are filming is Penguin High 3! (I saw Penguin High 2, this should be even better!)
                     Hop in the ridiculously long car, er Limo and ride to another place!
Good, we are in the limo! Hi Dubstep! There's tables, the old coffee shop, a pool and the driver's seat!
Hop off to see that town! As you can see, a fountain, coffee shop, Dance Club and Clothes shop!
Different pictures shown at the Coffee shop:
And that's all the pictures on top of the coffee shop!
This is what it looks like inside the coffee shop. In my opinion, it should always be like this!
The gift clothes shop, almost looked exactly like this last year!!!
Click the upper right corner and click to go to Penguin High 3 set!
Welcome to Penguin High 3! Dance in front of a camera to act!
This is the plaza. As you can see, the stage is closed for now.
Alright, welcome to Superstar pizza parlor! Looks a lot like it usually does, huh?
That ends the tour for now!!! See you when the next Studio opens up!

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