Thursday, February 28, 2013

Red Nose Day in Club Penguin!

"Wow!" I say. "This is really cool! But since when did Club Penguin host a Joke convention?" I ask. A penguin walked up and showed me this video: 
"Ohhhhhh!" I said. "We're doing this for a good cause? Sounds right to me! But I've never heard of Red Nose day! Oh well!" I get into costume right away:
Why did the Puffle cross the playground? To get to the other slide! 

Puffle Party is coming soon!

                                                        Is that Multi? Yes, that is Multi!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Puffle Party (Gotta have a Wingman) Music video!

                                                That's right! You gotta have a Wingman!
                        Or a rainbow puffle! I knew it like I knew Aunt A was the director! I'll call him Multi!
                                                                And look it's me again!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Awards show

 Hi! I'm getting my award for the movies I helped make! Notice my hair, yeah I did some thing to it, but that's a secret!
                                                             See? I told you it is good!
                                                                    Here is the full room!
                                                             Now awarding gold prizes!

Studio 3: Return of the Space Squid

                                       It's time to film... Quickly! I need to receive my awards!
                                                        Here is the building, lets go in!
                      Stage C is filming Return of the Space squid! Get the costumes and do the scenes!
                                                                        Scene 1...
                                                                    Scene 2...
                                                                        Scene 3!
                                                                     That's a wrap!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Studio 2: High Speed Getaway

                                  Welcome to Studio Bubsey! Now filming: High Speed Getaway!
                                                    Chose High-speed getaway! Go there now!
                      Get the costumes to do the scenes! Do all 3 scenes for a backround!
                                               Here is scene one, the police is chasing you!
                                                    Escape explosions! Aaaah! Scene 2!
                                              Then you jump out the window and land safely!
                                                   See you when the next studio opens!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

If I could design a room to be my favorite...

If I could design a room to be my favorite, it would be this:
I would have my own chair next to a whiteboard. I would have some puffle tubes that go all around the room. I would also like a bookcase for when the Book Room shelf gets full. I would have a lamp on top of that. Then I would have a computer by the door. I would really like pictures of my friends on the walls. The wall would be lime green. The floor would be Dark blue! There would be carpet on the floor, not wood. And on the outside, it would have a sign that said "Party Place" at the top. There would be signs with party hats on them pointing towards the building. The outside building would be Dark Green. The puffle tubes would go over the building and back in. A possible game that could be there is "Harvest". In the game, you would go around and harvest O'berry bushes. But you have to make sure the O'berries aren't bad and you have a time limit at each bush! That would be awesome!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hollywood Party cheats

Welcome to the Hollywood Party 2013! As you can see, I'm at the Snow forts.... The only open studio is A!
Welcome to Studio A! As you can see, the movie we are filming is Penguin High 3! (I saw Penguin High 2, this should be even better!)
                     Hop in the ridiculously long car, er Limo and ride to another place!
Good, we are in the limo! Hi Dubstep! There's tables, the old coffee shop, a pool and the driver's seat!
Hop off to see that town! As you can see, a fountain, coffee shop, Dance Club and Clothes shop!
Different pictures shown at the Coffee shop:
And that's all the pictures on top of the coffee shop!
This is what it looks like inside the coffee shop. In my opinion, it should always be like this!
The gift clothes shop, almost looked exactly like this last year!!!
Click the upper right corner and click to go to Penguin High 3 set!
Welcome to Penguin High 3! Dance in front of a camera to act!
This is the plaza. As you can see, the stage is closed for now.
Alright, welcome to Superstar pizza parlor! Looks a lot like it usually does, huh?
That ends the tour for now!!! See you when the next Studio opens up!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hollywood Party Sneak peak videos!

The party is tomorrow, here are some last-minute sneak peaks!

                                                       Thanks Saraapril for Video 2!
                                                     See you there! I will sign anything!

Hollywood party get ready!

You guys should get ready because the Hollywood party is tomorrow and nobody wants to not be ready when it happens. So you should play now so you can get ready.