Saturday, January 26, 2013

The story of my first day on Club Penguin

            When I first got on the first place I went was the Pet shop. I took the Puffle quiz and it said I would be a great yellow puffle owner. I tried to adopt it, but then a big sign came up and I was SHOCKED. I really wanted one. But I just continued and opened my map sadly.
           I choose wisely. The Ice rink was awesome! I had fun skating around it. It was getting late. But it was    the Friday, August 26 2011, meaning I could stay up. I went to my igloo and tried to decorate but it wouldn't let me.
          I was very sad. I couldn't do anything fun. For then. In the future, I would realize I liked green more than red, I would get membership and I would hate the red cap. And then there's now. But if I hadn't seen the Club Penguin link on, none of this would happen...


  1. Cool :) Can't believe you only joined in 2011!

  2. Nice! You had all the required parts and put them together in a nice way :) You have been awarded with points. Can't wait for next week! :D


  3. Wow. Amazing story. Keep on waddling, friend!