Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The penguins that time forgot- The stage 2013

Welcome to the stage! This play is called: The penguins that time forgot.
On to the costumes!
                                                           Costume Trunk January 2013
Here's a Director's costume with a megaphone. When I got this costume once, a blue scarf came with it...
On this page, we have a caveman and cavewoman. One likes smores!
Tiki masks, the classic time travel hat... Wait! The hat used to be only 3 coins! But I guess 7 more doesn't make much a difference unless you only have 3 coins.


                                          Secret items are hidden, click a certain thing to find them.
The rare grass skirt! You can do a special dance with this item.
Speaking of Dancing, I almost forgot that Gary gave me a certificate to learn the caveman from cadence!                 Gotta run to the Dance Club, bye!

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