Monday, January 21, 2013

Prehistoric Party cheats 2013

                                      I'm Extra late!   Here we go... You start by playing Dino Dig!
It's like treasure hunt but by yourself! And for eggs!
          After that click the egg up in the corner and you will come to this page! Select an egg and click transform if you are a member. Even if you aren't if you get all eggs you get a dino hoodie!
                                                 There are many different Dinos to be!
                                            Look! It looks like Polo Field's sneak peak!
Roar in all the checkbox places for a prize! The prizes are Lava, Waterfall, Volcano, Tree, igloo backround.
Here are the items so far in my igloo:
                                                              That's all... FOR NOW!


  1. Bubsey, I said you MIGHT be in the February-March Woddylan Awards. But don't worry ;) By the way, could you PLEASE enter my giveaway?

  2. Make sure to spread the word about the CPWW!