Sunday, January 27, 2013

Studio Sneak Peaks!

                                 Spike Hike has given us a Sneak Peak to the Hollywood Party.
 Wow! This one must be at the Snow Forts! These pictures were taken Last Monday?
                                               Studio B... Studio Bubsey! Studio B is my thing!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The story of my first day on Club Penguin

            When I first got on the first place I went was the Pet shop. I took the Puffle quiz and it said I would be a great yellow puffle owner. I tried to adopt it, but then a big sign came up and I was SHOCKED. I really wanted one. But I just continued and opened my map sadly.
           I choose wisely. The Ice rink was awesome! I had fun skating around it. It was getting late. But it was    the Friday, August 26 2011, meaning I could stay up. I went to my igloo and tried to decorate but it wouldn't let me.
          I was very sad. I couldn't do anything fun. For then. In the future, I would realize I liked green more than red, I would get membership and I would hate the red cap. And then there's now. But if I hadn't seen the Club Penguin link on, none of this would happen...

New logout screen!

A Hollywood party? Club Penguin rocks! I'll be Bubsey Good! Performing in the movie Super Puffle!

New igloo location + my prehistoric place igloo!

This is my Prehistoric place igloo! It has the new igloo location and everything!  Can you find me? I'm hidden well.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Prehistoric Party cheats 2013

                                      I'm Extra late!   Here we go... You start by playing Dino Dig!
It's like treasure hunt but by yourself! And for eggs!
          After that click the egg up in the corner and you will come to this page! Select an egg and click transform if you are a member. Even if you aren't if you get all eggs you get a dino hoodie!
                                                 There are many different Dinos to be!
                                            Look! It looks like Polo Field's sneak peak!
Roar in all the checkbox places for a prize! The prizes are Lava, Waterfall, Volcano, Tree, igloo backround.
Here are the items so far in my igloo:
                                                              That's all... FOR NOW!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ooga booga!

Bubsey no give cheats. Bubsey not used to get sunburn. Cheats come Friday Monday.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The penguins that time forgot- The stage 2013

Welcome to the stage! This play is called: The penguins that time forgot.
On to the costumes!
                                                           Costume Trunk January 2013
Here's a Director's costume with a megaphone. When I got this costume once, a blue scarf came with it...
On this page, we have a caveman and cavewoman. One likes smores!
Tiki masks, the classic time travel hat... Wait! The hat used to be only 3 coins! But I guess 7 more doesn't make much a difference unless you only have 3 coins.


                                          Secret items are hidden, click a certain thing to find them.
The rare grass skirt! You can do a special dance with this item.
Speaking of Dancing, I almost forgot that Gary gave me a certificate to learn the caveman from cadence!                 Gotta run to the Dance Club, bye!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time Trekker at the snow forts

The Time Trekker from the Halloween party is now parked at the snow forts, we can go inside too!
The inside of the Time Trekker looks really cool! Look at the clocks and the constellations! This looks cool!
Aw, I really want to go Monday, can't you fix the window faster?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ready to roar...

Polo Field gave us this image of what we would look like as a Dino.
Cool huh? Now that's pretty cool, right? But the eyes look weird.

My Club Penguin Art

I hope you like my art.


Friday, January 4, 2013

The new penguin style!

Welcome to the new Penguin Style! Looks like now we have items for everyone!
The colors page has changed for the first time in a long time! It now has white!
Everyone gets a fun backround! Who wouldn't get one? There's many fun selections!
These are rare items! The star tee shirt, the green ball cap, the butterfly t-shirt, the pink purse, the red bandana and the baseball glove haven't been seen since 2007!
I sense a theme here! High-school!?!? WHAT!?!?
This page is fine. It's all the Club Penguin item theme we know and love!
The only thing I'd buy on this page is the Hairstyle and you can probably guess which.
Build your own Hoodie... That's been around since 2011.


                           Hidden things are in the catalog... But where on the page?

                                                          Hope you enjoyed the catalog!