Saturday, December 22, 2012

5,000 view party!!

You've viewed our blog, You've waited and now for a party!!! Here are the details:
There's a secret. Click your spy phone and go to Teleport. Click Lodge Attic. Instead of Santa's sleigh, it takes you to the Ski Lodge Attic!
Day: Dec 23
Time: 1:00 CPT (Club Penguin Time) PST (Penguin Standard Time)
Server: Snowfall
Attitude: Nice (Just kidding)
                                             See you there!!!
UPDATE: Now I'll combo it with my birthday party. See you there! Also, I won't be posting tomorrow, Christmas and the day after.


  1. Hey! I showed people about the lodge attic link!

  2. I might be able to come but can u work out the time for PST?

  3. I might be there. But of course I want to try to go to Sallyshortt's party too! I will try to go to both.

  4. Thanks for making me penguin of the month.

  5. You wrote dec 23rd it's past that and also. 1:00AM or PM?

  6. When is your bday then? Sorry if I have not looked well again, and is it AM or PM?