Sunday, November 11, 2012

The best snowball fight ever!

Featuring team red with their adventurous puffles!
Featuring team blue with their bouncing puffles!
Featuring team yellow with their fantastic painter puffles!
And my home base, team green with the silliest puffles Club Penguin has ever known!
That makes a big igloo for the perfect snowball fight! And I'm having a party for it!
Here are the times:
Day: Monday, November 12
Time: 4:30 PM PST (Penguin standard time, check the snow forts)
Server and place: Sleet me and Mousey's igloos.
I almost forgot, if you can, you don't have to, wear your team shirt and a white head item!


  1. I have no school tomorrow so I can come!!! Yeah!!

    1. Me neither, that's why I did it!

    2. You don't have to, but can you tell penguins about the party?

    3. I'm sorry Bubsey! I won't be able to come! :( My computer is broken so I am using my iPhone to post comments do minor things right now. So, that means I also can't advertise your party since I can't write posts on my phone! :( I am so sorry! I really wish I could come!!

  2. Sorry Bubsey Good!
    Because I am Australian it sometime in 10 o'clock.
    Any chance you could come on now?
    -Cliky Minty! :)
    That is IF you get this comment.
    Same server just 12:00 PST or 12:30 PST

  3. i cant im not a blogger because im too young but i can come to the party

  4. can you friend me? I'm a big fan. I check your site everyday.

  5. Go team yellow and team tddoceasgc <(my team)