Friday, November 16, 2012

Operation Blackout Chapters 1 and 2

Nov 8 --Gary kidnapped Nov 15 --EPF command destroyed --Herbert activated solar laser Your orders: --Infiltrate Herbert's base and shut it down!
 Let's get ready. I've got my red jacket on and a first aid kit!
---Chapter 1
Red alert! Herbert has taken over Club Penguin and is stealing it's sunlight for himself. Without it, we'll all freeze. Here are your orders: Infiltrate Herbert's Base, find Security Terminal 1 and take it down. Use these disguises to slip past his defense. 1.1 Equip one of these disguises 1.2 Slip past Central Lockdown through the vent system. 1.3 Find Security Terminal 1 and shut it down!
 Okay then. Whoa! Paradise in a building! I can't play now, but I will soon! Back to orders... Go in the door with the green light above it.
Get your disguise on and go in the Crab and bear only door.
Mwahaha! Go through the vent.
Hey mousey! Click the terminal to access it! AKA the computer.
Move the security blocks to get the pass-key to the lock.
Slide the blocks, move the key  to the finish and done!
ACCESS GRANTED Upgrading Security Clearance to Level: 1
                                                     Done! Disguise off!
Go in the hole.
Keep going! There's more to see down there!
We've got a new hq! We've got target Herberts and I've wanted one of these for a long time. Teleporters actually in the EPF hq!
--Chapter 2
We're only just getting started, Agent. There are four more Security Terminals to shut down. The next one is close to the first, but can only be accessed through a secured door. Use this grappling hook to pull the door's  
lever. 2.1 Equip this Grappling hook. 2.2 Hook the lever and open the door to access Security Terminal 2 2.3 Shut down Security Terminal 2
Click on the door and use the hook.
Okay, I got the door open! 
Access another computer...

Do the same thing you did last time!


  1. umm i cant get past the door of the second terminal
    i opened the lever and everything
    anything you can help with will be appreciated thanks