Sunday, November 18, 2012

Operation Blackout: Chapter 3

Alert- Herbert captured Dot! His crabs are searching the island for EPF personnel. Watch your backs. Stay focused Agent. Use this Plasma Laser to reach security Terminal 3. Nothing can stand in your way. 3.1 Equip the plasma laser 3.2 Cut through the door between Security Terminal 2 and 3   3.3 Shut down Security Terminal 3
Click the laser to cut through the door! 
Yep, this chapter finally takes you "higher" in the mission
Next is Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and Aunt Arctic!
Click the Terminal to access it.
Slide the blocks and slide the key to the lock.
Done! I must have been dreaming when I saw Dot captured!
Yes Agents it is real!


  1. Bubsey. My idea is making a music video. I'm not going to say much, but we need to get a lot of people. We also need people with Keytars, and rock guitars. ;)

  2. Hey Mousey and Bubsey,
    Can I be on your blog roll? I read Zowey30000 too, and Bubsey already knows that because he's seen my comments (right?).