Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun with Friends

It started out when Pegasus2206 challenged me to a game of find four!
Sled racing time! Oops I almost hit that rock! There goes the D in bubsey good! LOL!
Me, Mumbles246 and Pretzal11 all accidentally started a party! We took turns being on the runway!
Sheep that's one cool outfit!
Everyone got a little carried away with who's turn it was...
We all got on the star and star-ted dancing!
It got super crowded and the party finally got a big crowd!
We decided to go to a better place to dance!
Woo! This was a great party, thanks to everyone that came!

1 comment:

  1. It's fun to have fun LOL. And the Forest only had 2 little details updated ~ the mine shack and stadium had a whole community garden and extra seating with a sports shop and all that :) I agree about Rookie ~ he should be called beginner LOL then learner, then rookie, then expert, then the director. I bet that's how the director came to be ;)