Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chapter 5

The crabs ambushed Jet Pack Guy and captured him. Things look dark, but we cannot fail. The last Security Terminal is protected by a smoke screen. Use these googles to navigate the smoke. No darkness can blind us.

                                                Click to go through the smoke.
                                                               Time to access it again! 
                            Go through the door and... go through the door in front of me!
Help us agent! The full team is captured. Gary the Gadget guy, Aunt Arctic the Director, Dot the Disguise Gal, Jet Pack Guy the eye in the sky, Bubsey the Disguise dude, Rookie unknown info.
                                                          Let's go shut it down!

Slide the blocks and the key... to find out...
(Thanks for the video Saraapril)
Try to pick up this item but it won't let you! I will cross this out when that is fixed.
It's deactivated! Club Penguin is saved!

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