Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interview with Gariwald- My Stories

Saraapril posted earlier that Gariwald wasn't real! Let's try having an interview with him!
"She did have a point. Gariwald might have been a projection." I said
"First question: Are you real?" I asked. "Yes." He said. "Then why did Gary say that you weren't?" I ask. "Well, he's working on this time machine..."
"The one I saw in the telescope?" I ask. "His time machine was in the telescope? Brilliant! Did you get a photo?" he asked. "Yep, I did. I'll show you it in my photo book." I say
Gariwald snapped a photo of it with my camera. "I'll show this to Gary right away. Here's your camera back." said Gariwald.
"As I was saying, While he was working on the time machine he was so busy with it that he wanted to get all things done in a rush! So he accidentally told Saraapril the wrong things." said Gariwald "Try stepping into that tube that is claimed to project me."
"Okay" I say as I step into the tube.
Without Gariwald pulling the lever, I turn into a ghost. "So that's how that machine is powered!" I say. "And to prove it, I will go through the wall to the Ski Hill where I'll get the last bit of proof it's real!"
"And Thanks for your help Gariwald." I say.
Flying at speed 70 miles per hour and seeing if anything falls off... "I'm still a ghost!" I said. "Mystery solved!"


  1. Now I understand :) The library was inside the Book Room, but its the same thing really. A room full of books a.k.a the library.

  2. Yes! Thank you Bubsey for proving Saraapril wrong! By the way I might have a post later on this week that you might want to see...

  3. Bubsey- are Mousey Good and Thomas Good your brothers?

    1. Cool! Just like Zobro and I are sister (me, Zowey) and brother (Zobro).

  4. How did Gary's Uncle take a picture of it, if he is really a ghost? Don't they just walk straight through things?

    1. Haven't you ever heard a ghost story where ghost become invisible and things look like they are floating around when ghosts are really holding them?