Friday, October 19, 2012

Gariwald's mansion quest cheats

Let's go inside, the mansion. Just like Businesmoose in the video I am late!
(I used a different penguin for this.) The first key is when you enter.
The second one is in the Library.
The key is where your food would usually be... In the kitchen of mitten.

I'm good at poetry!
The fourth key is "Yuck!" down in the muck!
The fifth key is the picture, I'm sure.
Let's see what's inside there.
These look like spooky goggles!
I thought there was a door here... goggles on!
This wasn't here before I got the goggles on!
Gariwald is here with a message.

I'll step in this machine.
I'm a ghost! Awesome!
You can scare high and low!