Thursday, October 11, 2012

Field ops!

Gariwald's notes show he was working on some sort of ectoplasmic transmutation process, similar to my Monster Maker. Such experiments would have left evidence. Go to the Forest, where is mansion was and see if you pick up any unusual signals.

Gary first of all that is too scientfic for me.
Also, how could your Great Uncle Gariwald's Mansion be at the forest. Club Penguin has been going from 2005 to now and his mansion was never there. Anyway, the Field op is here in the forest:
 (I have noticed we seem to start to be getting repeats of the place we did the last week or a few weeks before.)
I have found a signal! Let's see I've decoded it and tell me G.
Well done Agent! It seems like you've picked up a strange transmission originating from an ectoplasmic source. Oh my. That's strange. The transmision sounds like a message. It says: We are coming...

Mwa ha ha ha! It's alive! Just joking around.

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