Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Are you excited?

Guess what, tonight at about 8:00 pm the Halloween party will start. Are you excited? I hope your as excited as me. I can`t wait to go inside the spooky mansion. But guess what, sense Billybob is`nt working for Club Penguin anymore, Disney will haunt club penguin! But the EPF will try to stop them. Whats your favorite thing at the Halloween party? Coment below.


  1. My favorite thing is the mansion too Mousey! Im as excited as you are. I hope I see you on club penguin!

  2. Wow you guys make this blog AWESOME!
    Mousey Good,
    I love your name...
    Bubsey Good
    WOW how do you make the art work for Saraapril and for you so AWESOME!
    Please check out my blog on...
    -Cliky Minty :)