Friday, September 21, 2012

The ultimate time travel adventure! -My stories

I was just waddling around wondering where my igloo went when my phone rang!

I replied and so did my Aunt PH!

We went to well, uh the EPF hole in the ground.
We jumped into the time machine and I could feel my puffle shirt disappearing as we went back in time. I walked up to a penguin. "Hi, What day is it?" I asked "Sunday" he replied. Instead I just checked the newspaper. I read out loud: "September 22 2006" It was super risky G sending us here! I mean, our spy phones wont work!
A PSA agent with a blue Phone beak dropped when he saw my spy phone. So I got my backpack on and put all my new stuff in there. I got all my old clothes out and chose the perfect outfit!

 I can't remember another time when our camera started going nuts!
 I ask around. "Has anyone seen a white penguin?" I ask. "Nope. But if you're looking for a rare penguin consider yourself one.
I gulp. He's got a point there. I should have had my yellow puffle paint me before going into the past.
Oops. I think I just messed with something.
"You passed the test!" Shouted the blue penguin with a tuba. He wiped his eyes revealing that there were glasses under the paint. "Now, you can go on ultra top-secert missions for the EPTF!" said G(Extreme Puffle Task Force) "Wow! Thanks" I said, think about future missions...

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