Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Featured Igloos: September 10

Greetings Igloo Decorators!

Check out these amazing igloo designs:

Catie 88 said: "You have to see my bff Sparkly0806. Her iggy is AWESOME!"

Sparkly0806_edit.jpgHannahmonta3 said: "Check out Sliparychil's igloo! It's an epic stranded island!"

Sliparychil_edit.jpgGoldscott777 said: "Happy77, my brother worked really hard to make a tropical igloo! You should really check his out! His penguin name is Fred95921."

Fred95921_edit.jpgIt definitely looks like this igloo took a lot of work, Goldscott777! :)

Have you seen any sweet igloos you think should be featured on the blog? Let us know the penguin name and your favorite furniture item they used in the comments below. We'll show off some more igloos soon, so keep checking the blog! 

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team
By Happy77 on Community Blog

Thanks Happy. I think Pup1one has an awesome beach hotel!

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