Sunday, September 30, 2012

Herbert the Famous???

It's been said Herbert will be a famous penguin! Actually a famous Polar bear! Heres a photo:
He looks... Happy! Oh wow!

Farm Animal Party

I'm having a Farm animal party and you are invited!

Come join in!
There will be a costume contest for the craziest animal mix-up!
See you there! UPDATE: Forgot the times sorry!
Day: Tuesday October 2
Time: 1:00 PM PST (Penguin Standard Time or Pacific Standard Time)
Place: The beach
Server: Sleet

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free Pirate Hat Code

There is a new code for a pirate hat! It's strangely called "Sombrero" Thanks Saraapril

Fun with Friends

Me and some friends had lots of fun this week! For example, Kittiesjr found the pin! And I became a chair!
We got in a big crowd!
Who is ready to fly? I am! We can fly!
We had our picture taken!
More started flying!
Fly and turn dark blue! Thanks for all the fun guys!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fair Top 10!

What do you like most in the fair?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ghosts just wanna dance!

The Penguin band and cadence are releasing a new song! "Ghosts just wanna dance!"

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween movie set igloo

Here is the movie set! My Halloween costume is on.
Alright guys, I will give you a tour of this place.
They once filmed a horror movie here...(It's not very scary, I helped with it and actually it's rated G. To be released this October! I will post it!)
It was called night of the puffle monster. They brought in a giant puffle costume and used it.

Keep an eye on Rookie igloo ( Look for Rookie hq #2)

You've seen the hq that Saraapril built, now you can see mine!
Agents this is hq number 2 for finding Rookie and making sure he doesn't
Plus you get rewarded if you find him! Yummy!
Yes agents I found him in server crunch and...
Good luck agents!

Field ops(Finally)

Agents- right now Rookie is helping with the Fair, so let's help him make sure things run smoothly. The Fair games should be fine, but check the neon signs and make sure they're functioning safely.

I can't stop singing!
Oops got distracted the Field op is here!
Oh my. Well done Agent- that sign was set up incorrectly. Left unchecked, it may have caused an electrical outage for the whole island. Keep an eye out for other hazards. Also- there's no need to tell Rookie we're helping out. He's doing a great job.

Okay G. Anyway, me and Kittiesjr found the pin!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The ultimate time travel adventure! -My stories

I was just waddling around wondering where my igloo went when my phone rang!

I replied and so did my Aunt PH!

We went to well, uh the EPF hole in the ground.
We jumped into the time machine and I could feel my puffle shirt disappearing as we went back in time. I walked up to a penguin. "Hi, What day is it?" I asked "Sunday" he replied. Instead I just checked the newspaper. I read out loud: "September 22 2006" It was super risky G sending us here! I mean, our spy phones wont work!
A PSA agent with a blue Phone beak dropped when he saw my spy phone. So I got my backpack on and put all my new stuff in there. I got all my old clothes out and chose the perfect outfit!

 I can't remember another time when our camera started going nuts!
 I ask around. "Has anyone seen a white penguin?" I ask. "Nope. But if you're looking for a rare penguin consider yourself one.
I gulp. He's got a point there. I should have had my yellow puffle paint me before going into the past.
Oops. I think I just messed with something.
"You passed the test!" Shouted the blue penguin with a tuba. He wiped his eyes revealing that there were glasses under the paint. "Now, you can go on ultra top-secert missions for the EPTF!" said G(Extreme Puffle Task Force) "Wow! Thanks" I said, think about future missions...

ROOKIE IN CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I'll give you the field ops and pin soon. But, Rookie has been spotted IN SERVER CRUNCH!
It was hard, but I managed to get his BACKROUND!!!!
Rookie can really attract a crowd!
It was a lot of fun!
We played I spy and Rookie either said him, the tour booth, other penguins or himself!
Everyone was really excited about it!