Friday, August 31, 2012

Smoothie Smashup- My stories

It was a fine day in Club Penguin. Orders were piling up. I couldn't believe who was ordering!
"Add me Aunt Arctic!" I said. "Please finish the order first." she said. "Okay." I replied. "Woah! The deadline
is in 1 hour! Gotta go!" Aunt Arctic yelled. "NOOOOOO!" I shouted. "Here's me order!" said Uncle Rockhopper. "Me want it fast! Arrrrr. Yarr and me to prepare for our next journey!" "What?! You'll miss the fair!" I replied. "Ye gonna hit that convyer thing-a-ma-jig!" Uncle Rockhopper yelled. Crash!
Uggh. I should stop during game conversations. I keep bumping into the wrong things. Oh well. "That be bad. Stop ye talking and get me smoothie done!" Said Uncle Rockhopper. Aunt PH walked in. "Minitaur is sick!" She yelled "We need to get him a smoothie cure!" "Look! Here be a cure recipe" Said Uncle Rockhopper. We gave it to Minitaur. Look how happy he is now!
"He's good now. I'll be going." said Aunt PH as she walked out the door. Then, A certain Polar bear walked
in and yelled: "GET ME THE MOSTLY GRAPE SMOOTHIE!" he yelled. Yep. It WAS Herbert. "Everyone out! EPF ONLY!" I shouted.
Well, he likes the smoothie, so......."Herbert, go back to your base!" I shouted. "No, I am going to take over your fair!" shouted Herbert as he walked out the door. "Well, I have some extra Bananas left..." I said.
"Ooh! Get me a banana smoothie please!" yelled a green penguin. Yep. It was Seaweed20000.
"Here you go." I said as I gave it to him.
"This is so good!" yelled Seaweed as he sat down. "What makes it so good?" "Well, I wash it twice. Then, I make sure that I myself am clean." I said. "Well, I say we go and make a new blog header to celebrate! And make sure to put some fish on your blog so everyone can feed them for really good pizza!" said Seaweed. "Good idea!" I replied. So we did. Remember to feed the fish!

-Bubsey and Seaweed and Aunt Artic

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