Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun with Friends

It started when I went to the carnival!
Then, Saraapril and Pegasus2266 came!
Ahhh! A squid! No wait, its a toy.
Then we went to Pup1one's igloo.
You might have seen a simular picture to this on Pup1one's blog
Then I took a Picture of Pegasus2266. Then she got sad because we have blogs and she just has a penguin.
Then I told her how good she was. "Berry Good"

I met Skoolkid in the EPF hq with his new wig.
We had a sled race...
Then we had a big party!
Then I took Skool's picture. There. That's what we did!
I almost forgot! Neat Catus played with the Sensei.

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