Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Tree- My stories

This is my Penguin Family Tree!

Me and my brother Mousey Good, who will be a author on this blog at least by October, are circled.
It all started with Nana Good. She had 3 sons and 1 daughter. Uncle Rockhopper, Uncle Iceberg, Dad Good and Aunt PH.
Nana Good always takes us on fun adventures with out Cousins. In the Club Penguin world we climbed the tallest mountain! Nana Good is so awesome!

Uncle Rockhopper is very interested in finding treasure and he has told us he runs around the migrator and lets Yarr drive when he is bored. He is very competitive when Dad Good and him are near each other. I love to sail with my Uncle! He has lots of Jokes packed up.
Uncle Iceberg is also a very competitive Uncle! I'd race Him and all my cousins to one end of the pool to another. In fact, you should notice that I am actually gaining some speed on Club Penguin! Except in crowds(It was extremly hard to take the Uncle Rockhopper Photo as Usual) I have a cool Uncle!
Finally, To my awesome Dad! He is really funny and even can speak like Donald Duck! I like playing baseball with my awesome Dad!
I have a cool Mom! It is fun to cook with my Mom and have fun Ice skating!
Aunt PH loves puffles! She keeps asking me to get more puffles! She has 2 boys and 2 girls as kids but I only know one's username and the is Ourpeanut! She is such an awesome cousin to have! Aunt PH has trained me to be a Puffle Handler too so, She sometimes calls be PHB.

Then there is me. My full Penguin name is Bubsey Hydro-Hopper Good I love Ice-skating in Club Penguin, Pizza, playing with and training puffles, making short movies to post on here and esspecially playing with friends! See you in club Penguin!

Mousey Good likes to build LEGOs and he also likes to decorate his igloo! Right now his igloo is getting prepared for the fall fair!
Thomas Good is very friendly and loves trains! If Club Penguin ever brings the train item back, he will buy it faster than the speed of light! I love playing games with him!

Yes, Dora Good is small, she is way younger than other penguins. And so cute! She loves her blanket!
That is the scoop on one side of my CP family. Thanks to Saraapril for this awesome Idea!

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